September 2019 update

Well! Back to university! I feel like I have hit the ground running, full of plans and ideas, I just have to keep checking myself to make sure I don’t take on far more than I can comfortably handle!

The other day I was bemoaning the fact that I haven’t managed to get UWE EntSoc off the ground officially yet, then someone suggested I make a Bristol EntSoc instead. This led to a full day of grand schemes forming in my head, including some embarrasingly enthusiastic emails to various people asking for their thoughts, where I fully imagined full-blown conferences, research committees and field work projects open to any and all who joined… I was that enthusiastic I almost cracked open Excel to make a spreadsheet!

As it goes, however, following talking with many kind and patient people, all these things already exist in Bristol in one form or another, so I wondered if perhaps I wasn’t utilising the opportunities available to me as best I could and if I wasn’t, why wasn’t I? Having considered, I suspect it is because there are so many organisations all over the place who communicate in many different ways (newsletters, email, Facebook, websites, Twitter… the list is endless) that I lose track. If I was having this issue, who else is?

Thus, Bristol Invertebrates has been born. Not intended to be a new society as originally planned, but to pull it all in to one coordinated space for entomologists of all levels, no matter background or age. Much easier for me to deal with on my own, without railroading anyone else’s projects but advertising them instead, and I can still keep pushing for UWE EntSoc. Take a look, see what you think – any and all feedback is appreciated. Of course, it may well end up being a resource that only I benefit from, but on the other hand – maybe not, which makes it worth it.

In the spirit of making this a short update, I will end with three photos of amazing invertebrates I have found in the last month. There will be a better update once university has properly re-started and I get my teeth into various assignments and projects!

Edit: Oh! How could I forget this piece of news? No more dreadlocks!

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I'm a mature student studying Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science BSc (Hons) at the University of the West of England.

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    1. BENHS no, to my shame it’s only today I’ve learned of them, but I will be looking to join shortly. RES, I thought I was – I remember looking into it and asking my tutor for a letter of recommendation, but now I think harder on it I don’t think I ever completeld the application! I’ll get on to that again!

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